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Mijn favoriete restaurants in Hong Kong

Laatst bijgewerkt: 07/04/2018 | 4 juli 2018 In de drukke straten van Hong Kong, vindt er altijd straatverkopers die heerlijke noedels serveren, geroosterde eenden die in de ramen van restaurants hangen, aquaria vol met het diner van vanavond en trendy eetgelegenheden naast de tientallen jaren oude dim sum-vestigingen. Geurt naar rijst, gefrituurde kip en noedels…

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20 vital travel items everyone must pack

annually there are new travel gadgets and gear upgrades coming on the market. A quick “travel” search on Amazon will nearly always cause 10 or 15 purchases. but not all of these travel items are worth packing and while some of them may seem cool, you’ll never actually use them. After travelling for over 10…

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HOW TO overcome YOUR travel fears

Last Updated: 10/2/20 | October 2nd, 2020 Angst. It keeps us from living our lives as well as achieving our dreams. And it is one of the most typical reasons why people don’t travel. Whenever I talk to people about long-lasting travel, so many tell me they desire they might do what I do. They…

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